Various projects I'm working on publicly. Most of my projects will be on github.

Generate Anything

A small web app that you can find at

It helps you randomly generate lots of related things. Useful for world building and tabletop role playing games. Allows you to make things tables of NPCs, equipment, or other things for a role playing game, but taken to the next level.

You can find the github page for the code in the underlying generator logic at and the github page for the frontend of the site at

Cheat Sheet Displayer

I previously had my cheat sheets on just a static web page, but I figured I could make them even easier and faster to use by making a small web app. You can view that on the cheat sheets page

I took advantage of the fact that most of the cheat sheets are independent tidbits of information which allows the app to find and rearrange that information with the table of contents and the workbench.

You can find the code for the web app on the Cheat Sheet Displayer github repo.


A client library for the Neocities web API.

Helps automate changes to Neocities sites using Clojure. Can use in scripts, build processes, or other things.


A way that I used neocities-clj to give this site a simple dynamic updating blogroll despite the site being hosted statically.

I used AWS Lambda to run a script that checks sites for updates every day, and then updates this site with anything new from those other site's blogs. You can read more at the blog post I wrote about adding this functionality.